C&U Bearings: World Class Manufacturing


As one of the world’s top 8 bearing manufacturers and China’s largest, C&U produces over 1.203 billion high-quality bearings annually. We offer more than 30,000 types of bearings, with bores ranging from 1.5mm ID to 4000mm OD. Our world-class manufacturing capabilities include nine bearing manufacturing centers, 36 bearing plants, and 18 vertically integrated component plants.

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From materials procurement, through forging, machining, heat treatment, grinding, assembly and testing, C&U relies on advanced manufacturing and best-practices for quality control. Each step of C&U manufacturing operations are part of a comprehensive Quality Management System that have helped us earned globally-recognized industry certifications.

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Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

To ensure consistency and quality, C&U designs and manufactures our own bearing components including rings, seals and cages. In fact, we also manufacture components for many of the worlds top ten bearing manufacturers.

binhi_plant_02End-to-end Manufacturing Process Control

At C&U we have a very tight control of our manufacturing process and use steel that is supplied to our proprietary specifications. To maintain the dimensional and rotation accuracy of our precision bearings, we use fully automated production methods including leading-edge numerical control grinding and assembly processes lines and advanced measurement and testing methods. In addition, C&U has adopted advanced technologies such as EFD mid-frequency hardening for specialized applications.

In all of our manufacturing processes, C&U adheres to the strictest standards in quality assurance and process control to ensure quality and consistency in our products. Every C&U Bearing manufactured receives:

  • Inline ID and OD inspection
  • Radial clearance inspection, grease presence test
  • Noise inspection
  • Visual inspection

Poised for growth

C&U continues to grow our manufacturing capabilities to meet our customers’ needs. Today, we have plans in motion for 20 additional new manufacturing plants, including plants with integrated housing and schools to meet our employees’ needs.