C&U Bearing for Textile Manufacturing applications

Bearings for textile machinery are generally used under severe working conditions that require long service life, heavy loading capacity, high rotation speed, low noise, and resistance to dust and debris. C&U bearings for textile machinery feature excellent performance and have been adopted by textile machine manufacturers globally.  C&U bottom roller bearings feature superior self-aligning functionality and dust-proof performance.

Airflow textile machine bearings

These special bearings manufactured by C&U for airflow textile machines can run steadily at very high speeds. They deliver low amplitude, low noise, and long service life, and also feature excellent sealing performance and very low friction.

Angular contact ball bearings

Angular contact ball bearings are designed to support high radial-axial loads at high speeds. C&U angular contact bearings are manufactured using the highest-quality materials for maximum durability and life cycle. Advanced technologies help ensure close tolerances (even at high speeds), quiet operation, and minimal friction and wear. Because of this, C&U angular contact ball bearings are ideal for high-performance applications in textile machinery.

Double row angular contact bearings

Double row angular contact bearings support radial and bi-directional axial loads, though generally possess a lower load capacity than two single-row angular contact bearings. However, their operating life is longer, especially when used in axial load conditions. C&U double-row angular contact bearings are built for durability, optimized to reduce friction and increase tolerances. They are ideal for applications in the textile industry.

Self-aligning ball bearings

Self-aligning bearings are useful in applications where installation errors or shaft misalignments are possible, or even likely. The composition of the bearings allows for the components to rotate freely (with extremely low friction risk) at certain angles and compensate for shaft misalignments. C&U self-aligning ball bearings are carefully engineered for optimum functionality, and easy fit and removal. They resist temperature increases even while operating in high-speed applications. The two types of self-aligning bearings are cylindrical bore and taper bore. Primary uses are in commercial ground shafting applications with relatively low axial-load capacity, especially in textile machinery drive shafts.

Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings are designed to function in the most severe conditions. C&U spherical roller bearings are engineered to maximize the spherical roller bearing’s ability to support high load capacity, compensate for severe shaft misalignment, absorb heavy shocks, and withstand high temperatures. C&U spherical roller bearings meet ISO 15 standards and are used in a wide variety of textile machinery applications.

Water pump bearings

C&U water pump bearings incorporate the latest technologies and engineering for maximum durability and reliable pump operation. Hundreds of bearing variations are available to meet exact boundary dimension needs. Our water pump bearings are lightweight, compact, and facilitate the high flow capacity and high rotary speeds  needed for textile processing, dyeing and waste water applications. They offer excellent heat resistance, running accuracy and sealing performance. We offer double-row ball water pump bearings, single-row ball and single-row roller water pump bearings, and both single-row and double-row ball water pump bearings with internal design changed to angular contact. The balls and rollers of C&U water pump bearings are generally made of high-carbon chromium bearing steel, and the materials of shafts and outer rings use case-hardened steel or high-carbon chromium bearing steel.

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