C&U Bearings for Power Transmission applications

With advanced engineering, high quality materials, and rigorous manufacturing quality control, C&U bearings can easily satisfy the requirements for even the most demanding power transmission applications in farming, mining, metals manufacturing, construction, forestry, pulp and paper, textile, and wood mills.

Mounted units & pillow blocks

Mounted units provide a stable housing for enclosed bearing installations. Pillow blocks are the most commonly used type of mounted unit, as they are made to support a rotating shaft with the mounting surface parallel to the shaft’s axis. C&U mounted bearing units are designed to be compact and extremely durable. They are well-suited for power transmission applications such as mining, metallurgy, agriculture, chemical engineering, and conveying equipment.

Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings are designed to function in the most severe conditions. C&U spherical roller bearings are engineered to maximize the spherical roller bearing’s ability to support high load capacity, compensate for severe shaft misalignment, absorb heavy shocks, and withstand high temperatures. C&U spherical roller bearings meet ISO 15 standards and are used in a wide variety of power transmission applications including agricultural and construction equipment.

Taper roller bearings

Tapered bearings are equipped with truncated cone-shape rollers and fall into three types: small-cone angle, mid-cone angle, and large-cone angle. The larger the contact angle, the larger the axial load capacity. C&U tapered roller bearings are used in a wide variety of power transmission applications and are designed to absorb force and maintain shaft alignment. They are built to run quietly and accurately, minimize friction, excel at high speeds, and provide long service life.

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