C&U Bearings for Marine applications


The marine environment places a great deal of demand on bearing products to withstand wear and corrosion. Using the highest quality materials and strictest manufacturing standards, we have proven our ability to produce extremely durable bearings that perform flawlessly in the harshest marine conditions. C&U products have consistently demonstrated a proven capability for exceptional durability and consistent performance.

Hybrid ceramic ball bearings

C&U hybrid ceramic ball bearings are engineered to maximize the benefits of ceramic ball and steel bearing construction. Their insulating properties eliminate the risk of electrical erosion, creating the ultimate in durability and performance. Hybrid ceramic bearings provide longer service life than all-steel bearings in most applications. Since ceramic is non-porous and non-corrosive, hybrid ceramic bearings are ideal for use in marine equipment and machinery.

Mounted units & pillow blocks

C&U mounted bearing units are designed to be compact and extremely durable in food and high-moisture environments. Top-of-the-line materials provide protection from bacteria, mold, rust,  and deterioration from harsh, chemical cleaning agents. These features make them extremely well-suited for use in the marine-industry.

Thrust ball bearings

C&U industry-leading thrust ball bearings are designed to sustain thrust loads in high-speed applications, while maintaining superior performance. The highest-quality materials and manufacturing standards provide superior bearing durability and service life, making C&U thrust ball bearings ideal for marine use.

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