C&U Bearings for Machine Tool / Spindle

Known for our ability to manufacture bearings that deliver reliable performance even under the highest speeds and loads, C&U offers a wide range of bearings well-suited to the demands of the precision machine tool industry. Our bearings deliver superior quality and durability, low friction, and noise.

Angular contact ball bearings

Angular contact ball bearings are designed to support high radial-axial loads at high speeds. The rigidity of single-row angular contact bearings can be improved through pretension; therefore, they are applied to the principal axes of high-rotation precision machine tools. Our advanced technologies help ensure close tolerances (even at high speeds), quiet operation, and minimal friction and wear, making these bearings ideal for applications in machine tool manufacturing.

Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings are ideal for high speeds, high temperatures ,and high load capacity (primarily radial). C&U cylindrical roller bearings are engineered to minimize friction, maximize service life, and are available in a wide range of tight bearing tolerances. They can be single or double-row. There are also two types of internal bores within double-row cylindrical roller bearings: cylindrical bore and tapered bore. Our cylindrical roller bearing cage materials include: steel sheet (pressed cage, Z shape), copper alloy cut cages, pin cages, and synthetic resin-formed cages. These bearings are commonly used in machine tool applications, including on principal axes. C&U specializes in manufacturing NN type and NNU type double-row cylindrical roller bearings. The rings and components of this type of bearing can be mounted separately. C&U also can provide double-row cylindrical roller bearings with lubrication grooves and oil holes in the outer rings.

Hybrid ceramic ball bearings

C&U hybrid ceramic ball bearings are engineered to maximize the benefits of ceramic ball and steel bearing construction. Their insulating properties eliminate the risk of electrical erosion, creating the ultimate in durability and performance. Hybrid ceramic bearings provide longer service life than all-steel bearings in most applications. They also generate less vibration than all-steel bearings, lowering noise levels during operation — significant advantages when used in precision machine tool manufacturing.

Precision bearings

C&U precision bearings are engineered to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and rotational speeds, and the ultimate in durability. These bearings are ideal for a variety of applications including machine tool production.

Spherical thrust roller bearings

C&U spherical roller thrust bearings are engineered to maximize their ability to support high axial loads at relatively high speeds, as well as compensate for misalignment or shaft deflection. These design features allow C&U spherical roller thrust bearings to be used in a range of applications, including in machine tool banding wheels.

Tapered roller bearings

Tapered bearings are equipped with truncated cone-shape rollers and fall into three types: small-cone angle, mid-cone angle, and large-cone angle. The larger the contact angle, the larger the axial load capacity. C&U tapered roller bearings are used in various applications and are designed to absorb force and maintain shaft alignment. They are built to run quietly and accurately, minimize friction, excel at high speeds, and provide long service life. A common use for this type of bearing is in principal axes for machine tool manufacturing.

Thrust ball bearings

Thrust ball bearings are designed for axial loads only. There are two types of thrust ball bearings: single thrust ball bearings, which support axial loads in one direction and double thrust ball bearings, which can support bi-directional loads. C&U’s industry-leading thrust ball bearings are designed to sustain thrust loads in high-speed applications, while maintaining superior performance. The highest quality materials and manufacturing standards maximize our thrust ball bearings bearings’ durability and service life. C&U single-direction thrust ball bearings are commonly used in machine tool equipment principal axes.

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