C&U Bearings for Construction applications

C&U is a leading manufacturer of bearing products for the harsh and strenuous environments found in the construction industry. Advanced engineering and manufacturing processes, along with strict quality assurance standards, give C&U bearings superior durability under heavy loads, continuously high performance functionality, and long life cycles.

Ball bearings

C&U manufactures high-quality, high-speed rotation, sealed ball bearings for various construction applications, including forklifts and cranes. C&U ball bearings are designed to meet demanding requirements for bearing life, NVH, seals, and lubrication.

Deep groove ball bearings

The streamlined design of C&U deep groove ball bearings enables them to withstand high bi-directional radial and axial loads as well as composite loads. This facilitates accurate high-speed operation and low-maintenance performance. Shielded deep groove ball bearings can operate without re-lubrication and maintenance, making them ideal for construction equipment applications.

Double row angular contact bearings

Double row angular contact bearings support radial and bi-directional axial loads, though generally possess a lower load capacity than two single-row angular contact bearings. However, their operating life is longer, especially when used in axial load conditions. C&U double-row angular contact bearings are built for durability, optimized to reduce friction, and are an excellent choice for various uses in the high-demand construction industry.


C&U bearing rings are precision-manufactured for strength, superior fit and performance, and extended life cycle. They are ideal for construction machinery applications.

Spherical roller bearings

C&U spherical roller bearings are engineered to maximize the bearing’s ability to support high load capacity, compensate for severe shaft misalignment, absorb heavy shocks, and withstand high temperatures. This makes them ideal for use in mobile and fixed crane applications.

Spherical thrust roller bearings

These one-directional axial bearings can accommodate heavy thrust loads, as well as radial loads of more than half (55%) of the thrust load. C&U spherical roller thrust bearings benefit from advanced technology manufacturing that maximizes their ability to support high axial loads at relatively high speeds, as well as compensate for misalignment or shaft deflection. C&U spherical roller thrust bearings are used in a range of construction equipment applications, such as pumps, gearboxes, conveyors, and whirl cranes.

Tapered roller bearings

Tapered bearings are equipped with truncated cone-shape rollers and fall into three types: small-cone angle, mid-cone angle, and large-cone angle. The larger the contact angle, the larger the axial load capacity. C&U tapered roller bearings are designed to absorb force and maintain shaft alignment, making them suitable for many construction applications. They are built to run quietly and accurately, minimize friction, excel at high speeds, and provide long service life.

Water pump bearings

C&U water pump bearings incorporate the latest technologies and engineering for maximum durability and reliable pump operation and cooling. Hundreds of bearing variations are available to meet your exact boundary dimension needs. Our water pump bearings are lightweight and compact. They facilitate high flow capacity and high rotary speeds in cooling water pumps,  offering excellent heat resistance, running accuracy, and sealing performance.

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