C&U Bearings for Automotive Service

C&U is a major developer and manufacturer of bearings for a automotive manufacturers worldwide. The durability, consistency and value that have made C&U Bearings a choice of OEMs makes them a perfect choice for aftermarket service. C&U quality helps ensure service professional avoid comebacks and keep their customers satisfied.

Air conditioning compressor bearings

Designed for unparalleled reliability, C&U A/C compressor bearings feature a streamlined design for high speed, high-temperature operation and leak resistance.

Alternator bearing

C&U alternator bearings incorporate the highest-quality design and materials for the utmost in durability, even in high heat and demanding engine compartment conditions.

Angular contact ball bearings

Angular contact ball bearings are designed to support high radial-axial loads at high speeds. Because of this, these bearings are seen in high-performance engine and motor applications. Our advanced technologies help ensure close tolerances (even at high speeds), quiet operation, and minimal friction and wear.

Ball bearings

C&U is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-speed rotation, sealed ball bearings for applications such as engines, transmissions and condensing fans. C&U automotive engine bearings line includes generator bearings, compressor bearings, silicon oil fan bearings, water pump bearings, bearings 608 and 629 for fan air cooling, tension wheel bearings, clutch bearings, and needle roller bearings for engine rocker arms, among others.

Clutch release bearings

C&U clutch release bearings are built from the strongest metals to achieve the highest strength and the longest life. Our high-precision design facilitates smooth movement during high-pressure and high-temperature operation.

Constant velocity joints

C&U constant velocity joints maximize the ability to maintain constant rotational speeds during power/torque transmission. Minimal friction and movement variations, even at sharp angles have made them a popular OE choice for powertrain systems.

Cooling fan 608, 629

Bearings for cooling fans developed by C&U are optimized for increased durability and lubrication, to provide superior cooling fan performance and long service life.

Cylindrical roller bearings

C&U cylindrical roller bearings are engineered to minimize friction and provide high precision, low noise, and long service life.

Deep groove ball bearings

The streamlined design of C&U deep groove ball bearings enables them to withstand high bi-directional radial and axial loads or composite loads.

Integral shaft bearings

C&U integral shaft bearings are manufactured to ensure superior durability and reliability. They are commonly found in water pumps, tension pulleys, and other automotive applications.

Magnetic clutch bearings 

C&U magnetic clutch bearings are precision engineered and manufactured using advanced materials and technologies. This enables them to withstand high speeds and extreme temperatures while ensuring maximum performance and durability. A unique seal structure allows the bearings to stand up even in severe environments and under long-term exposure to dust and water vapor.

Needle roller bearings

C&U needle roller bearings for engine rocker arms have been designed to maximize radial load support and durability while minimizing friction in overhead valve engines.

SA series bearings for automotive generators

Automotive alternating current generators are exposed to brush wear powder particles, exterior dust and turbid water, all while running at high temperatures, high loads, and at variable speeds. C&U SA series bearings are manufactured to withstand these severe working conditions. They are highly reliable, have a low fatigue life, high sealing performance, and high temperature tolerance.

Silicone fan bearings

C&U silicone fan bearings maximize silicone’s natural ability to withstand wide thermal variations and compatibility with metals in automotive applications. These top-of-the-line bearings also feature high shock absorption, helping to eliminate stress and deterioration risks.

Tapered roller bearings

C&U tapered roller bearings are designed to absorb force and maintain shaft alignment. They are built to run quietly and accurately, minimize friction, excel at high speeds, and provide long service life in applications such as truck axles, differentials, and transmissions.

Tensioner belt

C&U offers top-of-the-line tensioner belt bearings, designed and built to withstand high rotation speeds and support significant axial capacity.

Thrust ball bearings

C&U’s industry-leading thrust ball bearings are designed to sustain thrust loads in high-speed applications, while maintaining superior performance. The highest quality materials and manufacturing standards are employed to maximize durability and service life in a variety of automotive applications.

Water pump bearings

C&U water pump bearings incorporate the latest technologies and engineering for maximum durability and reliable pump operation. C&U provides single and double-row ball water pump bearings, single-row roller water pump bearings, as well as single-row and double-row ball water pump bearings with an internal design changed to angular contact.

Wheel hub bearings generation I, II, & III

C&U offers a range of hub bearings including wheel hub bearings generation I, II, and III. All our wheel hub bearings are designed using the CAE computerized design method and feature optimized sealing design, high-quality steel, and superior lubricant grease. They feature high load ratings, and are shockproof, turbid water resistant, compact, and lightweight.

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