C&U Bearings for Appliance manufacturers

Always taking customers’ needs as its first priority, C&U has engineered bearings for use in high-grade household appliances that meet all of the requirements for low noise, high rotation precision, and long service life. C&U bearings can endure the long-distance transportation and vibration that often occurs during overseas shipments of appliance components and finished products. C&U has become a supplier of high-quality bearings for world-famous manufacturers of household appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, ceiling fans, and vacuum cleaners.

Ball bearings

In addition to manufacturing bearings designed specifically for use in high-power household appliances, C&U produces bearings for lower-power electric appliances such as ceiling fans, dust collectors, and exhaust fans.

Deep groove ball bearings

The streamlined design of C&U deep groove ball bearings enables them to withstand high bi-directional radial and axial loads as well as composite loads. This facilitates accurate high-speed operation and low-maintenance performance. Shielded deep groove ball bearings can operate without re-lubrication and maintenance. They are commonly used in small and medium generators, air conditioners, fans, and other applications where low-noise and minimum vibration is essential.

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