C&U Bearings for Agriculture

Using advanced engineering and manufacturing, C&U has become a leading provider of bearings for the agricultural industry. Specializing in products with maximum durability and reliability, especially under severe environmental conditions, C&U excels at delivering products that experience minimum wear and provide superior accuracy and high performance throughout extremely long life cycles.

Angular contact ball bearings

In soil mechanics, centrifuges are used to match soil stresses in a scale model to those found in reality. Angular contact ball bearings, often used in centrifugal separators, are designed to support high radial-axial loads at high speeds. C&U employs advanced technologies to help ensure close tolerances (even at high speeds), quiet operation, and minimal friction and wear. Because of this, these bearings are ideal for high-performance agricultural applications.

Deep groove ball bearings

The streamlined design of C&U deep groove ball bearings enables them to withstand bi-directional radial and axial loads, or composite loads, and facilitates high-speed operation, accuracy and low-maintenance performance, ideal for use in agricultural machinery.

Integral shaft bearings

C&U integral shaft bearings are manufactured for superior durability and reliability, and are commonly used in high-demand agricultural machinery.

Mounted units & pillow blocks

Mounted units provide a stable housing for enclosed bearing installations. Pillow blocks are the most commonly used type of mounted unit, as they are made to support a rotating shaft with the mounting surface parallel to the shaft’s axis. C&U mounted bearing units are designed to be compact and extremely durable in food and high-moisture environments, such as agriculture and chemical engineering, among others. Top-of-the-line materials and construction provide protection from bacteria, mold, rust and deterioration from harsh, chemical cleaning agents.

Precision bearings

C&U precision bearings are engineered to provide the highest levels of accuracy, rotational speed, efficiency, and durability. These bearings are ideal for a variety of applications and industries and are used often in mills, grinders, cutters, and spindles.

Single row deep groove ball bearings

Single row deep groove bearings are the most commonly used type of roller bearing worldwide, including in agricultural machinery. Versatility and performance are among their most appealing features. C&U single row deep groove ball bearings maximize these features, enabling superior performance at very high speeds, and support for significant radial loads and moderate axial loads (in both directions). C&U advanced design also makes these bearings exceptionally quiet during operation, highly durable, and virtually maintenance free. C&U single row deep groove bearing cages are made of stamped steel (sheet) or nylon.

Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings are designed to function in the most severe applications and conditions, and therefore are ideal for use in agricultural machinery.

Tapered roller bearings

Tapered bearings are equipped with truncated cone-shape rollers and fall into three types: small-cone angle, mid-cone angle and large-cone angle. The larger the contact angle, the larger the axial load capacity. C&U tapered roller bearings are used in various applications and are designed to absorb force and maintain shaft alignment. They are crafted to run more quietly and accurately, reduce friction, excel at high speeds, and provide long service life. Because of these qualities, tapered roller bearings are used in agricultural machinery.

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