WOLONG Electric Industrial Motors recognizes C&U for New Supplier Support

C&U has been recognized by WOLONG Electric Industrial Motors with the company’s New Supplier Support Award for 2021. WOLONG Electric Group strives to continuously improve its quality and other performance metrics in order to increase customer satisfaction and manufacturing efficiency. The company’s goal is to become the #1 Electric Motor Manufacturer in the world, and has stated that their suppliers play a key role in achieving this target.

WOLONG Electric Industrial Motors judges the New Supplier Support Award on these performance factors:

  • Payment Terms
  • Pricing
  • Lead Time
  • Quality PPM’s
  • Assembly Line Shut Down Incidence
  • On Time Delivery
  • Quality Recovery
  • Quality Response (8D’s, PPAPs, others)

WOLONG has indicated that it looks forward to continuing to work with C&U as a supplier and to continuing a relationship that can benefit both companies, with the Best Quality and OTD.