C&U Bearings: World Class Value

At C&U, we believe that good value means more than just having the most competitive pricing. If you have to give up the quality you need or the customer service you want, getting a low price is of no value at all.

At C&U, our goal is deliver all three – value, quality, and customer service for all of our customers. We are committed to providing highly competitive pricing but also to delivering world-class quality, reliability and performance in every product we provide.

To ensure that we deliver quality along with value, we employ the most up-to-date design, manufacturing, and quality control methods, with 100% inspection on every product we produce.

To ensure that we provide the service and support our North American customers require, we maintain a comprehensive application engineering capability in our North American Headquarters, in Plymouth, Michigan.

Real value requires an end-to-end approach that combines product pricing, quality, availability, customer support, and service. At C&U Americas this is what we strive to deliver for our customers, everyday.