C&U Bearings for Paper Manufacturing applications

C&U has done significant research and development to create the ultimate in bearings for the high-demand paper manufacturing industry. High speeds, high temperatures (especially in drying applications), and constant operation require special construction and finishing to maximize life cycles and minimize maintenance and costly down time for paper manufacturing facilities.

Self-aligning ball bearings

Self-aligning bearings are useful in applications where installation errors or shaft misalignments are possible, or even likely. The composition of the bearings allows for the components to rotate freely (with extremely low friction risk) at certain angles and compensate for shaft misalignments. C&U self-aligning ball bearings are carefully engineered for optimum functionality as well as easy of fit and disassembly. They resist temperature increases even while operating in high-speed applications. The two types of self-aligning bearings are cylindrical bore and taper bore. Primary self-aligning bearing applications are in commercial ground shafting applications with relatively low axial-load capacity. They are commonly used in paper mills and plants.

Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings are designed to function in the most severe applications and conditions. C&U’s spherical roller bearings are engineered to maximize the spherical roller bearing’s ability to support high load capacity, compensate for severe shaft misalignment, absorb heavy shocks, and withstand high temperatures. C&U spherical roller bearings meet ISO 15 standards, and are used in a wide variety of industries and applications, including in paper manufacturing.

Split cylindrical roller bearing 

Restrictions by the structures of many machines and equipment make it difficult and inconvenient to handle, check, and replace solid bearings, especially large and oversize bearings. C&U developed split bearings to solve these problems, facilitating the ease of bearing handling and reducing costs. These bearings are often used in paper manufacturing equipment and machinery.

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