C&U Bearings for Motorcycles

C&U Bearings are widely used by major motorcycle manufacturers around the world. The majority of the mechanical components of motorcycles and ATVs are exposed to harsh conditions and high-speed rotation, which requires high durability bearings. C&U has performed in-depth research on the development of bearing components to improve assembling, durability, and sealing performance for on and of-road motorcycles and ATVs.

Ball bearings

C&U manufactures high-quality, high-speed rotation, sealed ball bearings designed and manufactured to meet motorcycle manufacturers’ requirements for service life, NVH, seals, and lubrication. To meet our customers’ demands for quality assurance, advanced control systems track our entire manufacturing process from materials purchasing, storage and production to finished product testing and packaging.

Ceramic ball bearings

C&U ceramic ball bearings’ construction facilitates high-speed operation, high temperature resistance, and durability that exceeds standard steel ball bearings. C&U’s ceramic ball bearings’ advanced design and materials allow for highest precision manufacturing tolerances. This helps eliminate noise, friction, and vibration and maximizes performance and durability in high-demand motorcycle and ATV applications.

Hybrid ceramic ball bearings

C&U hybrid ceramic ball bearings are engineered to maximize the benefits of ceramic ball and steel bearing construction, Their insulating properties eliminate the risk of electrical erosion, creating the ultimate in durability and performance. Hybrid ceramic bearings provide longer service life than all-steel bearings in most motorcycle and ATV applications. Hybrid ceramic bearings also generate less vibration than all-steel bearings, lowering noise levels, and creating the ultimate in durability/life cycle and performance.

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