C&U Bearings for Dental Equipment applications

C&U ball bearings are engineered to meet precision operation, low noise and high rotation standards, making them perfect for use in dental equipment applications. C&U ball bearings are designed to meet exacting requirements for bearing life, NVH, seals, and lubrication.

Ball bearings

C&U manufactures high-quality, high-speed rotation, sealed ball bearings for utilization in dental applications, including use in high-precision dental drills. Ongoing quality assurance is performed to continuously meet customer demands.

Hybrid ceramic ball bearings

C&U hybrid ceramic ball bearings are engineered to maximize the benefits of ceramic ball and steel bearing construction. Their insulating properties eliminate the risk of electrical erosion, creating the ultimate in durability and performance. Hybrid ceramic bearings provide longer service life than all-steel bearings in most applications. They also generate less vibration than all-steel bearings. This reduces noise levels during operation and delivers an important design advantage dental tool applications.

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