C&U Bearings for AC Compressors

Air conditioning compressors demand long-term durability and reliability. C&U manufactures a variety of high-performance bearings engineered to last under the most demanding conditions.

Ball bearings for AC Compressors

C&U manufactures high-quality, high-speed rotation, sealed ball bearings for various AC compressor applications. C&U ball bearings are designed to meet customer requirements, including those for bearing life, NVH, seals, and lubrication.

Magnetic clutch bearings for AC Compressors

C&U magnetic clutch bearings are ideal for use in air conditioner compressors. Engineered using advanced materials and technologies to withstand high speeds and extreme temperatures, they provide maximum performance and durability.

Precision bearings for AC Compressors

C&U precision bearings are produced using advanced technologies, high standards, and quality assurance measures to guarantee the highest levels of accuracy and rotational speeds, and the ultimate in durability. Advanced manufacturing processes create precision bearings with super-quiet operation and minimum heat generation, making them ideal for use in air compressors.

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